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Supports your automotive cameras to provide the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow


According to ReportLinker, the connected car market is projected to reach USD 219 billion by 2025, and in these connected cars, cameras will play a significant part in providing an enhanced in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers.

AnyConnect’s platform is designed for any single automotive camera or a system of connected in-vehicle cameras to record, playback, store, stream and analyze data using our APIs.

Our easy-to-use Platform Libraries support devices such as dashcams, electronic view cameras, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), and connected camera systems in providing guaranteed & instant secure connections, high-resolution streaming, cloud recording/playback, computer vision, machine learning that competitive solutions can’t provide on the roadways.

We support automotive camera manufacturers with


Empowering cameras with event-based alerts to reduce accident risk from fender benders and lane changing.

Connected Devices

Onboard & stream for single and multiple in-car and connected displays.

Smart Car

Support capture and analysis of license plates, human gestures, and other key information.

Compliant to

Flexible user and data management processes for privacy requirements.

HD and 4K UHD

High-resolution wide fields of view captured without compromising detail.

Cloud Recording
and Playback

Recording and playback for single- and multi-channel recorders in the cloud.

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Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard Camera or commonly known as dashcam is an in-vehicle camera that can record scenes from the front and rear windscreen or other windows of a vehicle.

AnyConnect’s platform supports dashcam makers in providing smarter cameras with high-resolution smart recording and streaming capabilities. As the leader for developing computer vision technology into the real-life application, our platform comes with advanced computer vision APIs that helps you build your next-generation dashcam.

In our Access, Connect, Stream, and Analytics Platform Libraries, you can find a wide array of APIs connected to our REST Services that reduce development time and increases flexibility in your features. AnyConnect supports these key features and more:

  • High-resolution HD & 4K UHD streaming and recording.
  • Simple to integrate access control and onboarding processes.
  • Subscription-based cloud services (storage, playback).
  • Highly efficient video coding and compression technology.

Mirror and Blind Spot Cameras

Mirror and blind spot cameras are vehicle-based cameras that provide imaging from the front view, side view, rear view, and blind spots in real-time. More than that, these cameras can assist drivers with event-based alerts to prevent collisions, cross-traffic, and assist in parking and backing.

AnyConnect’s platform supports device makers in providing real-time, high-resolution connected cameras. Our platform comes with advanced computer vision and analytics APIs for your safer and smarter mirror and blind spots cameras.

With our Platform Libraries, you can reduce development time and increases flexibility in your features. AnyConnect supports these key features and more:

  • Real-time streaming capabilities that support up to 60fps.
  • Guaranteed and instant connection to devices or the cloud.
  • Highly customized event-based alerts for video.
  • Next-generation low-power computer vision and analytics capabilities at the edge and in the cloud.

360-degree Surround View Camera Systems

The surround view camera system provides the unobtainable viewpoints of the vehicle using connected cameras.

AnyConnect supports surround view camera systems by combining multiple connected cameras to present a unified 360-degree view. Our platform comes with computer vision and analytics APIs to support integration for capabilities such as assisted parking, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and collision alerts.

With our Platform Libraries, you can reduce development time and increases flexibility in your features. AnyConnect supports these key features and more:

  • Single unified 360-degree views.
  • Build instant connectivity and streaming capabilities with new devices like a head-up display.
  • Highly customizable unified video alerts and notifications.
  • Health check for connected devices to identify and resolve system issues.

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