Device Deployment

Manage the entire life-cycle of your devices with our all-in-one console for video solutions

AnyConnect provides solutions for Device Deployment in Console, our web-based device management tool, to help your team to manage reviews, track system issues, create reports, manage subscriptions and billings.

It is a waste of time and money to backtrack from bad reviews and reactively scramble for technical solutions. Preferably, the design and engineering team should proactively gather structured data, respond to system issues, and shape users’ reviews and ratings.

AnyConnect’s Console can help you gather data on the health of the devices deployed and deduce system issues even before users provide their reviews. After proactively resolving problems faced by end users, you can prompt for reviews to get positive comments and 5-star ratings.

Real Time Health Check
& Problem Alert

Our console can provide real-time health check for every connected device and alert your team when problems arise.

End User Satisfaction

You have the connection and streaming data for each device, enabling you to support for each user.

Support Data

With the right data for every device, connection, and stream, your support team can support every user.

Configuration Customer

Process motion vectors or recorded videos for real-time, predictive analysis.

Automated Firmware

Support updates to multiple platforms/SoC and automated checks to prompt end users to get the latest firmware.


Analyze customers’ sentiments and prompt them to either request help or provide positive feedback.


What if you can detect and correct issues well before your customers find out? Would you like to be proactive? How would you like to intelligently prompt satisfied end users for positive reviews and disgruntled ones to reach out to customer support team for help?

AnyConnect Console is an all-in-one web-based device management tool for managing the entire lifecycle of your device. Console provides visibility into all aspects of your products performance. From provisioning (field and factory) to monitoring the health of all deployed devices and supporting customers – use Console to manage the full product lifecycle.

Analyze product performance, resolve issues proactively, and boost your customer ratings and reviews with timely interventions asking for reviews or prompting a call to support.

  • Create keys that enable devices to use AnyConnect REST Services.
  • Design and develop new products.
  • Product management for field and factory provisioning.
  • Download Platform Libraries
  • Create alerts, and receive notifications when events (at system level) occur.
  • Use 2-way communication to prompt end users for actions.
  • Manage deployments and support end users.
  • Real-time health check for every connected device
  • Provides customer data for design, development, and customer support team.

Smart Real-Time Reporting

Are you pulling out reports to keep track of the service usage and the health of your devices? Do your current reports provide filters to see macro and micro views for business intelligence? Is your staff receiving system level event-based alerts?

Reporting is straightforward in a controlled environment but proves to be complex in a world of connected and embedded devices. With our reporting tools, your team can draw real-time data from all of your connected devices, aggregate and filter the data for smart reporting, and create event alerts to trigger when there are system level issues.

  • Support and generate quick reports from millions of endpoints.
  • Real-time reports on the usage and health of connected devices for monitoring.
  • Use filters and comparison to create structured reports.
  • Set up system level event-based alerts.
  • Aggregate error reports to make rapid decisions to resolve system issues.

Subscription Services

Do you want to monetize your next-generation features rather than giving it out for free? Do you want an easy to integrate subscription billing system? Do you know how your end users preferences?

Adopt AnyConnect to create easy-to-pay processes to monetize new, premium features. Collect data to understand your end users purchasing preference to maximize your MRR.

  • Enable new premium features such as storage, analytics, event-based notifications, alarms, and other custom paid features on-the-fly.
  • Deploy configurable subscription modes for end users to purchase easily.
  • Understand your end users preference to maximize your MRR.

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.