Embedded Cameras

We optimize video streams dynamically based on available network bandwidth and processor load

AnyConnect provides solutions for camera makers including streaming, recording, storage, playback, and video analytics.

Embedded cameras capture vast data and viewers can be left with frozen images, pixilation of the video stream and poor results when mobile or Wi-Fi bandwidth fluctuates.

AnyConnect’s highly abstracted APIs are simple to integrate. Our Linux, iOS, and Android Platform Libraries are suitable for building and designing cross-platform applications, cameras, and other video streaming devices.

In our Stream Platform Libraries, you will find best-in-class APIs for video data management. Our Analytics Platform Libraries have APIs for analytics, machine learning, speech recognition, computer vision, and sentiment analysis that you can build in-device, at the edge, and in the cloud.

Best Video

Our streaming, recording, and playback technology uses predictive optimization to maximize QoS based on available bandwidth and decoding capacity.


With our patents, we go beyond the standards to deliver guaranteed, instant connection, and low latency video streaming in our platform libraries for your use.

Custom Profile

Customize video quality profiles that intelligently manages frame rate, image quality, and resolution during recording/playback.

Computer Vision

Process motion vectors or recorded raw videos for real-time, predictive analysis.


Support H.264, H.265, and other compression standards.

Cloud Recording
& Playback

Recording and playback for single- or multi-channel recorders in the cloud.

Video Streaming

Do your customers see frozen images or pilixation of the video stream when mobile or Wi-Fi bandwidth fluctuates? Do you want your device to stream, record, and playback intelligently?

Adopt our solutions for high-resolution, low latency streaming between connected devices and applications. Using our Stream Platform Libraries to get access to APIs that deliver multi-resolution, multi-bitrate video streams over any network to any devices.

  • HD and 4K UHD resolution.
  • Low Latency Streaming.
  • Scalable Encoding and Adaptive Delivery.
  • High-level security with replay attack protection.
  • Audio Echo Cancellation.
  • Automatic Gain Control.
  • Jitter Buffering.
  • Noise Cancellation.
  • Packet Loss Concealment

Recording & Playback

Our Stream service supports video recording and playback with various modes for storage and review. Our platform is flexible and efficient in storage and review, and we ensure that data is secured with encryption, message authentication and integrity, and replay attack protection based on SRTP and SRTCP during streaming.

  • Scalable encoding and adaptive playback.
  • 24/7 continuous recording & event-triggered
  • Permanent or time-limited storage in-device, at the edge, or in the cloud.
  • Search modes for events, people, objects, or actions.

Video Analytics & Computer Vision

Are you building the next-generation device with functions that can differentiate human attributes (gender, age), basic emotions, and objects? Do you require real-time video analysis on the edge, or in the cloud? Do you require advanced applications that can identify a person or an object with high accuracy?

AnyConnect Video Analytics can be integrated quickly with easy to use APIs. We support both edge and cloud analytics. Our Vision Platform Libraries provides APIs for facial recognition, gesture detection, object classification, motion analysis, voice recognition, and more.

  • Support edge and cloud analytics.
  • APIs for smart analytics that includes high
    accuracy multi-camera facial recognition geofencing
  • security, LPR & ANPR, intrusion/loitering detection.
  • New monthly recurring revenue (MRR) opportunities with new features.

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.