Genesis of Home TV Everywhere

In the world of cable or satellite television, linear programming is the most dominant form of content delivery. This results in unsatisfied customers who might have prior commitments or have competing content on another linearly programmed channel. Short of building a macro on-demand content delivery infrastructure, the television industry has widely adopted the set-top-box with recording capability. In essence this is a micro on-demand content delivery infrastructure in every home.

So now consumers have recorded video content sitting on their set-top-boxes. However, with dedicated mobile devices in every hand the mode of content consumption is getting federated by the day – from one channel viewed on a single television screen at a specific time to many recorded channels viewed on multiple screens on-demand.

To view content on-demand from the set-top-box over the public internet poses the NAT Traversal problem, i.e. peer-to-peer connectivity issues between the set-top-box and the viewing device. In addition to peer-to-peer connectivity, streaming video over the public internet adds additional complexity and considerations such as authorized access, transcoding, and end-to-end encryption.

AnyConnect StreamCloud Solution

AnyConnect’s Stream solution simplifies the implementation of Home TV Everywhere for any cable or satellite television service provider:

  • The StreamCloud SDK and APIs are easy to implement for any set-top-box platform – Linux, Windows, or Android
  • The solution comes complete with dashboards that not only help service providers monitor the overall quality of such a streaming service but also provide day-to-day customer service
  • StreamCloud APIs integrate with the service providers authentication and billing systems with ease
  • To work in conjunction with StreamCloud, you get sample native and web apps for Android, iOS, and Windows consumer devices. Our engineers are happy to customize these sample apps or build from scratch as per your needs.

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