IP Camera Technology

Security camera systems used to be analog, and deploying, managing, viewing, and recording were so expensive, limited, and complicated that only those who had a sufficient need were buying.

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras changed have changed so much about the camera market

  • Wireless (WiFi) cameras only need power (possibly even battery) to be viewed and monitored – No need to run expensive cables just to see what is happening in far corners of a home.
  • Since there is actually a computer inside of an IP camera, it is possible for the camera itself to perform tasks, such as detecting motion in just a specific region of the camera’s field of view, listening for sound, sending alerts, saving video to local storage on the camera itself, or more.
  • It’s possible to not only monitor audio, you can even talk back through a speaker in the camera.
  • Monitoring of the video from a camera can be done from anywhere, on mobile phones, desktops and more.
  • Beyond just video and audio, with sensors, the camera can monitor and report environmental/comfort factors, motion and more.

In other words: By moving to a digital, connected approach, what used to be a narrow, complex, closed, analog system used by very few, IP cameras have become enabling components of a powerful but accessible – and extensible – solution. Instead of being limited to only classic security applications, IP cameras are being used for baby-monitoring, keeping an eye on the family dog, checking up on family and domestic help (contractors, maids, nannies, etc.) and more.

AnyConnect has developed a comprehensive, elegant and extensible solution – consisting of:

  • Software components for IP cameras, mobile clients (iPhone, Android) and desktop computers;
  • Supported by a solid, secure cloud infrastructure;
  • All of which can be branded to your needs.

The solution can be extended to support incremental cloud-based services and capabilities.

AnyConnect Solution

The AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack is designed to enable IP camera manufacturers to provide the market advanced, yet differentiated, capabilities:

  • Camera software: A sophisticated software library for the camera itself that enables efficient remote live viewing of the camera feed for any network configuration – regardless how complex the network configuration (NATs, routers, firewalls…), all based on industry-standard protocols (ICE/STUN/TURN and XMPP) and our patented technology.
  • Mobile Apps: (iOS and Android) for viewing camera-feeds from anywhere, controlling cameras, supporting two-way audio and enabling secure on-boarding and configuration of cameras, alerts and more. The mobile apps can be customized and ‘skinned’ to enable manufacturers to present their brand and more.
  • Local Recording: If the camera-platform supports local recording (to a camera flash memory card, for instance), the customer can view the recorded content from any of their cameras, from anywhere.
  • Cloud Recording: For even more capability and incremental recurring revenue streams, the AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack also provides the optional capability for the camera-feeds to be recorded to our global cloud infrastructure. You can offer a range of recording-windows, from days to months. Now your customers can have the benefits of a video-recording system without the wires, and with the security and peace-of-mind that their video recordings are always available, from anywhere.
  • Video Analysis: In addition to cloud-based video (and other) recording capabilities, the AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack also will include a range of powerful video analytics capabilities to process the customer’s video data stored in our cloud and provide valuable insight that OEMs/ODMs can leverage for incremental revenue from customers.
  • Dashboards: The AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack also offers configurable cloud-based vendor and end-user dashboards and management/administrative screens that enable OEMs/ODMs to monitor and support their customers, and allows customers to configure and control access to their cameras and recorded video.
  • On-Boarding: First impressions matter, and the AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack provides a secure, yet simple, method for users to bring their cameras on-line, provisioned, and securely attached to their account.
  • Alarms & Alerts: Finally, the AnyConnect IP Camera Solution Stack supports a range of alerting options, based on events detected by the camera (motion detection, camera-region event detection, sound, sensor-events and more and configured by the customer via the Mobile Apps. The alerts can be App-alerts (including badges), notifications, SMS messages and e-mail.



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