Recording and Playback

When you build with AnyConnect, we support your audio/video recording and playback on your device.

Our Stream Helper Library offers high-level, easy to integrate APIs to connect with our REST Services which then relays to the Stream Helper Library built in your application.

Your end users can customize their recording and playback needs by giving instructions to the device through the application. Optionally, they can decide to record 24/7 or to trigger an event-based recording.

With flexibility, resolution of the recording, amount of time that the recording is kept, and the types of events that cause a recording are all customizable.

Out-of-the-box, AnyConnect supports cloud recording and storage. With our video analytics tool, you can even provide review capabilities to your end users for them to sort through recorded history for events, people, objects, and actions.

Recording & Playback (Stream Platform Library)

Recording Modes

  • Continuous
  • Event triggered, e.g. motion, sound

Storage Modes

  • Permanent
  • Time-limited

 Search Modes

  • Event e.g. motion, sound
  • Person
  • Object
  • Action

Playback Modes

  • Regular
  • Fast
  • Slow
  • Reverse

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