We are in Surveillance Cameras

Supports camera makers in providing remote management, surveillance, and security.

Surveillance cameras deployed for commercial usage and security coverage for a wide area are different from your standard stand-alone IP cameras. The placement of the cameras, type of cameras used, and on the edge capabilities play a part in impacting business operations and protecting properties and lives. AnyConnect supports camera makers in designing and deploying surveillance cameras and distributed surveillance systems.

Our platform has extensive platform libraries with computer vision techniques and machine learning algorithms, providing edge analytics and aggregated analytics in the cloud. We support you in building connected surveillance cameras to having the full spectrum of capabilities in automated distributed surveillance systems.

We can support your surveillance cameras in the following and more:

  • Guaranteed instant and secure connections for connected devices;
  • Highly secured access control;
  • High-resolution (4K UHD), low latency streaming;
  • Advanced computer vision techniques for edge deployment;
  • Video analytics to analyze multiple modalities of single scenes.

We support surveillance camera makers with

HD and 4K UHD

High-resolution wide fields of view captured without compromising detail.


Enables intelligent communication between people and machine.

Night Vision

Algorithms that optimizes night vision, brightness, contrast, and frame rate for efficient recording, playback, and streaming.

Compliant To
Data Protection Law

Flexible user and data management processes for adherence to GDPR.

Computer Vision

Computer vision capabilities for facial recognition, behaviour classification, and motion analysis.

Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics capabilities to process the customer’s video data stored in our cloud and provide valuable insights that OEMs/ODMs can leverage for incremental revenue from customers.

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.