Video Streaming

AnyConnect’s Video Streaming provides instant audio/video delivery between devices and applications. Video Streaming dynamically adapts audio/video to deliver the best possible quality over any network and between any devices.

Platform Libraries & REST Services

Install Access, Connect, Stream, Vision Platform Libraries in devices and applications to leverage on our REST Services. From the diagram, these Platform Libraries are stacked for seamless integration.

Vision Platform Library leverages on Stream Platform Library for cloud and edge video streaming, Stream Platform Library on Access Platform Library for identity, access control, and signaling, and Connect Platform Library for instant connections and data delivery. Stream REST services also provide optional audio/video storage and playback in the cloud.

Video streaming

Instant Connections and Low Latency Streaming

As we pioneered the NAT Traversal protocols and solutions which came to known as STUN, TURN, and ICE, AnyConnect now goes beyond the standard to deliver guaranteed instant connection with low latency streaming.

From the diagram:

A – App requests Device for streaming through AnyConnect REST Services
B – Device checks the ACL for access control
C – Device streams video to App

AnyConnect uses protocols that predictively allows the connection and streaming process to happen almost instantly (within milliseconds).

Zero latency streaming

Scalable Encoding & Adaptive Delivery

AnyConnect Video Streaming processes live video from your IoT device with scalable & lossless encoding in SD base layer and 4K UHD and HD enhancement layer.

As different devices request for streaming through our REST Services, Video Streaming adapts the video based on end users requests to deliver multi-resolution, multi-bitrate video streams over any network, to any device.

—- SD Base Layer
—- HD Enhancement Layer
—- 4K UHD Enhancement Layer

Scalable Encoding

Hybrid Approach to Video Delivery

AnyConnect Video Streaming’s smart approach to live video delivery takes advantage of the path most appropriate to the task.

Our platform leverages peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery for one-to-one live streaming and can also burst into the cloud for one-to-many live streaming.

From the diagram:
One-to-one live streaming from device-to-device.
Device-to-cloud and from cloud-to-many live streaming.

Hybrid approach to video delivery

Data Protection and Privacy

Through Console, our web-based device management tool, you can automate and control how data is delivered to be compliant with in-region data protection and privacy laws.

// #Define REGION=[CN | EU | JP | KR | US]
// What happens in [REGION] stays in [/REGION]

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