We are in Drone / UAV Cameras

Supports customized cameras for different types of drones / UAVs


Drones cameras have made it possible to conduct aerial surveillance, motion picture filming, terrain mapping, disaster relief, goods delivery, recreation photo taking, and the list goes on. Every day, new ways of utilizing drones are being conceived and actualized for military, commercial, and consumer use.

With such boundless applications, the requirements for drone cameras vary. A drone camera meant for video filming requires high-resolution streaming while a delivery drone needs cameras equipped with computer vision to detect obstacles and avoid a collision.

Design and build your drone cameras with AnyConnect’s extensive and extensible APIs for:

  • secure onboarding and access control
  • instant device-to-device connectivity
  • knowledge of latency based on network topology
  • computer vision techniques
  • edge & cloud-based analytics
  • image stabilizer algorithm

We support Drone / UAV camera makers with

Connected Device

Ensure instant connectivity and guaranteed connections to mobile.

Low Energy Consumption

Support low-power analytics and streaming.

Knowledge of Current Latency

Provides knowledge of latency based on the current network topology.

Enhanced Image Stabilization

Ease of control, granting & revoking permissions.

Predictive Optimization

Adaptive QoS by streaming based on available bandwidth supporting HD & 4K UHD resolution.

Autonomous / Assisted Flight

Build drones or UAVs with autonomous / assisted flight capabilities with our computer vision APIs