Build and Release Engineer

AnyConnect is currently seeking an experienced Build and Release Engineer to join our product development team.


Details about this career opportunity

Our Build and Release Engineer position is an opportunity to play an essential role with AnyConnect by supporting our vast software build and release processes.  This position works directly with our Product Development Managers.

AnyConnect Career Profiles

Skills and Qualifications

2+ years experience:

Build and release engineering for embedded, mobile, and cloud platforms with CMake, ANT, Eclipse, Maven, Xcode, and Linux scripting

Managing distributed version control systems including Gerrit and Git

Supporting continuous integration with Jenkins automation server

Test automation for embedded, mobile, and cloud platforms

In a leadership role supporting product development teams which have successfully delivered commercial products

What exactly you’ll be doing

Build, maintain, and continuously improve the infrastructure for our multi-site development team including source code repository, build and test scripts, continuous integration, and packaging and deployment.

Establish and maintain agile development toolset including tools for managing user stories and product defects.

Establish processes and tools to maintain code base integrity, including check-in validation rules and branch/merge processes.

Investigate and recommend best practices for maintaining code quality, including development of code metrics, code review workflows, code coverage measurement, and the use of static and dynamic analysis tools.

Influence and drive best practices throughout our product development teams.

Here are some of your future team-mates in PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
Chris Piche


Robel Sharma

Product Development Manager

Palash Borhan

Product Development Manager

AnyConnect has 4.2 stars on Glassdoor. This is why.

Diverse, world-class team

Our team of 40+ consists of people from over 12 different nationalities. We do more than welcome diversity – we embrace it. Our culture is a come-as-you-are one, as long as who you are can deliver good work, and avoid friction with your team-mates, then you’re cool in our books.

Centrally located office in Singapore

We’re located in City Hall, which means you are spoilt for good food, have easy access to get to more interesting activities after work, or drown yourself at any one of the many of bars you’re a minute away from, if and when you need to.

Global company, start-up culture

We function like a lean and agile team, who is here to support one another to do the job as best we can. With this in mind, we have no hard-set rules in terms of where you work and how, and are truly flexible in most regards, and understand that people thrive and deliver their best when they are comfortable.

Competitive remuneration and modern equipment

On top of market-competitive remuneration, we equip all our staff with brand new hardware and tools they need in order to succeed. We are platform agnostic, so on top of the brand new laptop you get to break-in, we support the purchase of tools to help with productivity.

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