AnyConnect enables device makers and service providers to develop and manage IoT video devices including connected cameras, embedded cameras, and more.


Powered by AI, AnyConnect’s cloud services, platform libraries, and video management system give your cameras instant connections, scalable streaming, and computer vision while reducing development and management costs and time-to-market.

Empowering device makers with a scalable end-to-end IoT Video Platform as a Service (PaaS)

About AnyConnect.

AnyConnect provides a simple-to-integrate set of APIs – Linux, iOS and Android source code sample applications as part of an intuitive and comprehensive platform. Reduce your development budget and speed your time to market, increase your subscription revenue and decrease your dependency on hardware margins.

AnyConnect security is trusted by the largest mobile providers and consumer brands and is in products used by 98% of the largest companies worldwide. We provide easy device onboarding – supporting both factory and field provisioning. The AnyConnect PaaS provides real time health check on all connected devices, mapping every user’s experience. And AnyConnect equips you to focus on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and subscription services including storage, event-based notifications, and configurable analytics.

Our platform is developed to build your next generation of IoT Video devices.

Our Focus.

Our focus is our customers. Together, we have launched products with 1,000,000+ user reviews with 4+ app store and ecommerce website star rating.

As our platform is designed for high interoperability with visual sensors, we provide customers the ease of upgrading their current cameras or incorporating cameras to any devices.

Our platform is rich with features such as storage, event-based alerts, and a growing set of analytics designed to attract your channel and new opportunities for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) are many.

Why Us?

Because our platform is designed for with you and your end users in mind.

Use AnyConnect to design, build, and test in record time and get your camera to market quickly. Get immediate visibility into the performance of every endpoint. Save yourself the time of building a scalable, secure, low latency, fault tolerant video infrastructure.

Trust the technology already embedded in products used by the largest companies in the world. Redeploy your development resources to focus on other valuable IP and accelerate your next generation product launch.

Key Features

Dynamic Application Environment

Robust environment for using out-of-the-box applications or developing customized ones.

Extensive Platform Libraries

Platform libraries for IoT and mobile device platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, and more.

Cloud APIs

Add features to your IoT Video devices and applications easily. Our Cloud APIs expose JSON REST interfaces which can be called directly or via our Platform Libraries.

Powered by AI

Computer Vision, Hybrid cloud processing, Smart Alerts, and more.

Data Protection

Compliant with Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Japan), General Data Protection Regulation (EU), and more.

Video Management System

Manage your entire IoT Video device life cycle from creating security keys to managing deployments and supporting end users.

Extensive & Extensible Features

Including storage, event-based alerts, a growing set of analytics, reference designs, platform libraries, and more.

Derive MRR

Subscription Billing Infrastructure for your customers will help you maximize your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).


million IoT video devices


billion streaming minutes,
4 billion recording minutes.


of the largest 500 companies use
products embedded with our solutions.


patents across 8 countries.

Industries & Applications Using Our Platform

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

From onboarding, accessing, controlling, streaming, storing, analysing, and deploying IoT video devices, AnyConnect’s platform has scalable out-of-the-box solutions for you to plug-and-play or stack-on.

  • IoT Connected Devices

  • IoT Embedded Cameras

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  • IoT Device Deployment

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.