AI Store™

Simplifying AI at the Edge

All new System-on-Chips that matter on the market today have AI Acceleration capabilities. AI at the Edge decreases costs, lowers inference’s end-to-end latency, and simplifies conformance to most privacy regulations worldwide.

Edge AI is a great thing, but it brings its own set of challenges.

1 – AI Containers™ solve the first challenge: to deploy AI Models to the edge, Over-the-Air (OTA). System administrators love to deploy software Over-the-Air on a large number of devices without coding.  AI Containers™ do just that.

2 – Finding and testing the right model for your application quickly, as well as storing and managing your own AI Models.

AnyConnect’s AI Store™ is the solution to this second set of problems.

Find the right AI model…

AnyConnect’s AI Store™ is a repository of AI Containers™. AnyConnect selects the best AI Models from the best AI model makers for each application. You can try models in your environment and see how they perform for your use case straight away. If a particular model works for you, you can purchase it and deploy it, Over-the-Air (OTA) to your camera networks.

If you can’t find a model suiting your requirements, you can post an AI Job, which all AnyConnect AI partners will see, and they will be able to quote you for custom development or modification of an existing model.

You can use the AI Store™ to manage the AI Containers that you have created.

…for the right AI Accelerator

The AI Store™ manages AI Containers™ for different families of AI Accelerator from the major players in this market, such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Intel, Renesas, and many more. Here are some recommended chipsets, SoC, SoM, SBCs, and more, to power AI-driven and connected cameras devices.

The AI Store™ provides performance metrics for AI Containers™ and cameras. It has never been easier to deploy AI models to the edge, knowing that the edge device will have enough resources to run this AI Container™ properly. It works even if you have multiple AI Containers™ running on the same device simultaneously.

AI Store™ for AI Model Makers

As an AI model maker, you’re probably doing a lot of customer development. Scaling your operations, meaning developing less and selling more, is a challenge, as sales cycles are long, and customers often ask for integration and customization. AnyConnect’s AI Store™ helps you to make your work accessible to a lot of potential customers. No more PoC efforts with uncertain outcomes. Our customers can test your models by themselves and contact you if they have questions.

AnyConnect AI Store™ simplifies customer support. If a customer encounters a problem, it can share access to the live camera with you.