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Smarter AI™ Camera Solutions Lead the Way in Predicted 5G IoT Market Adoption by 2023, According to Gartner

Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, released a report “Market Trends: 5G Opportunities in IoT for Communications Service Providers.” The October 2019 report projects that by 2023, 5G will drive enterprise demand for key verticals currently served by AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform. 

The figures presented by Gartner are staggering, projecting explosive growth in the top 3 verticals of Connected cars (consumer and commercial), outdoor surveillance cameras and fleet telematics devices, with figures expecting a 4,856%, 635% and 3,811% growth in each respective worldwide endpoint install base from 2020 to 2023. 

The advent of 5G presents huge opportunities for connected devices like smart cameras, as it solves speed, latency and reliability challenges, that limited capabilities of connected cameras in the preceding 4G standards.  

Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Internet of Things Business Unit said in an interview with Network World, that “4G/LTE has attempted to address these use cases but has often failed due to unsatisfactory performance. 5G’s combination of ultra-reliable and low-latency connection will extend industrial IoT to unconquered spaces.” 

Gartner report in October 2019

Let’s explore how a Smarter AI™ Camera Platform can reap from these projections.

Tapping on the projected growth in demand for connected cars. 

Vehicles today increasingly offer at least a Level 2 driver assistance system. Automotive manufacturers are eager to use generated data to train their self-driving algorithms to accelerate their Level 5 autonomy programs. AnyConnect provides a scalable solution to monitor all those vehicles in the field, dispatch new versions of trained neural networks, monitor their quality and repatriate the interesting bits of labeled data to a datacenter.

Image from Synopsys

Cars today typically fall into Level 2 in the scale of driving automation, while Level 3 vehicles are projected to arrive soon. The main constraints hindering faster adoption and progression in autonomy levels are namely security, and faster, more reliable low-latency connections (such as 5G). A Camera Platform like AnyConnect is natively built to be security-centric, and already supports the advent of 5G connectivity. 

Image from Lasertel

One game-changer in car alarm systems is arguably Tesla’s Sentry Mode. It added a unique layer of protection to Tesla vehicles by continuously monitoring the environment around a car when it’s left unattended. Enabled, Sentry Mode enters a “standby” state and uses the car’s external cameras to detect potential threats.

Carmakers are scrambling to catch up, and similar aftermarket functionality is ripe for picking. Take advantage of the demand and provide a competitive solution, with AnyConnect. Our Smarter AI™ Camera Platform offers live notifications on your phone with real-time, low latency streaming and bi-directional audio, essentially enabling the same technologies that made Tesla’s revolutionary Sentry Mode possible. 

The evolving surveillance camera segment is showing continued growth and is partly driven by 5G. 

Wireless technologies (like 5G) present an opportunity to reduce the cost of deployment for surveillance camera systems. One way in which this can be done is by doing away with costly wires. With Smarter AI™ Camera Platforms that are powered by the cloud, there is potential to deploy “true wireless” cameras that are not bound by wires, in any latitude, with just a 5G connection, a solar panel, and a battery. 

The main benefit of 5G on surveillance is indisputably, speed. For solutions that require unparalleled download and upload speeds that enable smooth streaming with little latency while having the ability to display higher resolution videos. Ironically, the increased speed of connections also means 5G cameras are the most efficient surveillance has ever been. 

Outdoor surveillance cameras will be the largest market for 5G Internet of Things (IoT) solutions worldwide over the next three years, according to the data presented. This peaks at 70% of the 5G IoT endpoint installed base in 2020 and still constitute 32% in 2023. AnyConnect presents a ready platform for customers who want to leverage on this explosive growth within the vertical. 

Fleet telematics will have a 5G endpoint installed base of more than 5.1 million by 2023.

The use cases for fleets and 5G centers around the safety of fleets for their vehicles, drivers, and goods. 5G allows an almost instantaneous connectivity to any vehicle, allowing managers a great degree of oversight over their employees and assets. 

According to CTIA, real-time responses become a reality with 5G, increasing vehicle safety and powering collision avoidance. Drivers within fleets can rely on sensors with collision avoidance capabilities to help them stay in lanes, avoid collisions and connect to emergency services should the need arise. AnyConnect can work with fleet managers, to provide an aftermarket ADAS system with deep AnyConnect integration, to power the same features on their vehicles. 

Image from AT&T Business

Finally, AnyConnect has features that also look after the driver, which can be used as corrective prompts or even inform training policies by accurately identifying weaknesses with drivers within a fleet. This could mean that common issues like inattention and sleepiness, common especially in long-haul fleet services, could become a thing of the past. 

Work with a 5G-ready Smarter AI™ Camera Platform.

Armed with technologies that enable 5G-ready end-to-end video streaming—paired with advanced AI-driven telematics—AnyConnect’s platform is ready for deployment within the top 3 key market verticals we’ve detailed above.

Are you from connected cars, surveillance or fleets? Get in touch with us to consult with a smart camera expert about how you can capture a slice of the surge in demand, with our platform.

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