What is Over-the-Air (OTA) Programming?

In today’s IoT-driven world, it’s a must to have an IoT platform with the capability to update a large number of edge devices, securely and over-the-air. Furthermore, over-the-air updates are not good enough anymore. Your IoT platform has to manage the deployment of AI models to the edge as well as device settings, access control, OS security patches, as well as new features and more to the edge device and edge device’s leaf devices.

These deployments have to be centrally managed and the system has to provide information about the deployment status and possible errors. It’s particularly important for devices that scattered around a large area and that are connected intermittently, like Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G devices (e.g., connected dashcams for a fleet of trucks).

The Over-the-Air programming system shall be able to accommodate a large variety of hardware, operating systems, applications, and firmware.

AnyConnect Over-the-Air (OTA) Programming and Updates

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform allows the administrators of large deployments of camera networks and devices to program and update those over-the-air, securely, and at scale. AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform Over-the-Air Programming system supports programming and updating the following:

  • AnyConnect libraries & device application
  • Access Control Rights
  • Configuration
  • OS & Firmware
    • Supported update strategies: A/B and Non-A/B, Single & Dual Copy, Differential
    • Devices running AnyConnect Libraries
    • Full upgrade or security patches

We designed AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform Over-the-Air Programming system to be as ubiquitous as possible towards hardware, software, and firmware to accommodate as many kinds of different devices as possible. Like the rest of the platform, it’s natively secured and built for intermittent connections, like Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G.


Over-the-Air Programming for AI at the edge & Administration

Over-the-Air programming and update are managed centrally through AnyConnect Console. AnyConnect Console allows administrators to push configuration, updates, patches, etc. to edge devices, from a single web portal. It provides a status of the deployment jobs in real-time with the granularity level of a single device.

AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform uses the same Over-the-Air Programming system to deploy AI Containers™ to edge devices. AI Containers™ simplify the deployment of Trained Neural Networks Models, to edge devices with AI Accelerators. The same Console allows users to select and deploy AI Containers™, Over-the-Air, simply.

  1. Select AI Containers™(s) from our AI Store™.
  2. Optionally, upload your own AI Containers™(s)™ to our AI Store™.
  3. Deploy selected AI Containers™ to your cameras with AnyConnect’s OTA Programming> feature.