Connected Smart Wearable Body Cameras

wearable body cameras

Evolution of Wearable Body Cameras

Body-worn cameras can be classified into two different groups, with commercial and security applications: Action Cameras & Body Cameras (bodycams).

Action cameras appeared for the first time in the 1960s. Then, it constituted mostly of standard film cameras, attached to a helmet or a suit. Even NASA astronauts used body-worn cameras on the moon. Since then, the technology has evolved; cameras became smaller, image quality became better, resolutions got higher, run-times got longer, and additional features like GNSS positioning became commonly included.

We witnessed cameras evolve from film, to tapes, to memory cards. The next step in the evolution of Action Cameras is already underway. End users are seeking better experiences, beyond having to remove a memory card (or need a cable) every time they want to access or export content outside the camera. With live-streaming becoming increasingly popular (be it on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or other video-centric apps), an automatic upload to a preferred video hosting provider would greatly improve the user experience. AI is also playing an ever-increasing role in the space of Action Cameras, from making video edits automatically, to triggering recordings, and even enhancing video footage.

Body-worn cameras (bodycams) for police forces and other commercial applications started being evaluated in 2005 by police forces in the United Kingdom. They are cameras worn by civil servants, police officers, and others to help de-escalate situations, curb police blunders, generate training material, and provide videographic evidence for accurately identifying liable individuals. Traditionally, bodycams constitute digital cameras, chest or head-mounted, recording on memory cards.

We have begun seeing the emergence of AI-Driven & connected bodycams, which opens a world of possibilities, from live streaming, to 2-way-radio, to AI-Driven features like suspect identification.

What is the AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform?

AnyConnect’s Smarter Camera Platform is a set of software libraries for cameras, mobile devices, computers, and an overarching cloud platform that, that makes a camera (such as action cameras and bodycams) on it smarter.

AnyConnect’s patented technologies enable guaranteed and low latency video & audio connections through NATs, especially wireless and cellular networks & cloud video recording.

Our platform excels in computer vision at the edge, and in the cloud, in a secure and data-protection-compliant way. A console provides a full overview of all connections and provides granular control over the entire system

How does AnyConnect make your bodycam and action camera smarter?

Real-time oversight and monitoring of security personnel

Access live video, audio and data (heart-rate monitor, firearm status, temperature, etc.) from deployed personnel, any time, anywhere. Your dispatchers and tactical command centers will have greater synergy with field personnel, by leveraging our platform’s low network latency, you effectively enable real-time oversight with real-time notifications, on top of bidirectional audio, giving your security agents a tactical advantage.

Live-streaming directly on popular platforms with action cameras

Stream live video from your action camera, regardless of the quality of the cellular connection. With AnyConnect’s Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, you can send a live stream, with the best possible image quality relative to the uplink quality, always guaranteed.

Automatic video upload on any body worn cameras

The AnyConnect platform enables your devices to upload videos automatically to the cloud according to your customers’ needs. For example, specific ‘high priority events’ could be uploaded automatically through a cellular connection, while other video footage will get queued for a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection before uploading.

Edge Inference Acceleration on your smart body cameras

Tech companies release a new AI Accelerators and AI frameworks very frequently. Which one should you choose? What if you have a lot of cameras with differing AI Accelerators? AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform solves this problem with AI Containers™. AI Containers™ enables users and manufacturers to deploy, Over-the-Air, AI Models, and Applications to all of their devices with ease.

Deploy Edge AI, at scale

Get alerted, in real-time, if your device identifies anything critical. Use facial recognition to identify criminals and missing people quickly or identify stolen vehicles automatically. All of this requires the capability to deploy AI Models to the edge, over the air at scale. AnyConnect AI Containers™ enable you to do just that. Deploy standard Tensorflow Lite or ONNX models to the edge.

Compliant to global data handling and privacy regulations

Compliance can be a big burden for police and security forces. There are so many variables to keep in mind, and they change very quickly. AnyConnect gets the video part covered with GDPR compliance and has no ties with countries prone to privacy controversy. To facilitate your audits, the console provides a log of every event and connection. Finally, recording video in the cloud makes it very difficult to tamper with or delete video/audio recordings.

Simple Integration with your Management System

Nobody likes complex, time-consuming, expensive, multi-site and multi-company software integration projects. AnyConnect provides a simple set of REST APIs for easily and quickly integrating with Tactical Management Systems and PSIM. AnyConnect’s patented video streaming is enabled through software libraries and APIs for Android, iOS, Windows and Web Clients. Authentication works with our systems and social logins through OAuth 2.0.

Simplified Onboarding & Management

Every customer’s time is precious, while technical resources required to support customer demand are often expensive and busy. AnyConnect has placed great emphasis towards our Onboarding process for cameras and clients, ensuring that the process can be initiated by anyone, not just experts.

Decrease administration & support costs with AnyConnect’s Console, which provides centralized configuration and access control, and understand what is happening within your system, in real-time.

Serious About Security

Cybersecurity is something we take very seriously. Access Control is native to the system. All video streams are encrypted. All clients are authentified.

Additionally, through our Camera Accreditation Program, customers can stay confident in the quality and security of any proposed cameras. AnyConnect conducts external security audits on its platforms and cameras regularly, to deliver an extremely secure platform. Your data is always safe with us.