Smarter AI™ Gateway

Smarter AI™ Gateway

Connect legacy IP cameras to your AI-driven, connected camera networks

AI-driven, connected camera networks are what your customers are asking for. But when it comes to deployment, specifically in existing projects, reality can be harsh: budget constraints, amortization of existing equipment, time to replace cameras, transition periods as well as specific form factors can be problematic.

Thankfully, AnyConnect provides a solution for brownfield installations: The Smarter AI™ Gateway.

3rd party cameras, the same great connection

The Smarter AI™ Gateway enables your customers to transform their RTSP and (soon) ONVIF Profile S and Profile T compliant cameras, into AI-Driven & connected cameras. The Smarter AI™ Gateway interfaces with video streams of existing IP camera using RTSP and, soon to be released ONVIF, to connect those cameras to your customer’s Smarter Camera Network. With its streaming capabilities, like Instant Connections & Adaptive Bitrate Streaming paired with other capabilities like Access Control and Over-the-Air Programming, the Smarter AI™ Gateway provides most of the great features of the AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform to 3rd party cameras.

Edge AI

Most existing 3rd party cameras today have no, or minimal HAAR based video analytics, running on a DSP or a CPU. The Smarter AI™ Gateway comes equipped with a Google Coral Edge TPU AI accelerator. Smarter AI™ Gateways run Deep Learning-based computer vision on existing cameras. It supports AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform’s novel way to deploy deep learning-based AI Models to the edge at scale through AI Containers™.

Field Installation

The Smarter AI™ Gateway is field ready. Thanks to AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform features, the Smarter AI™ Gateway can be connected directly to the internet through Wi-Fi, LTE & 5G (LTE & 5G modem not included), without any firewalls or VPN boxes.

The Smarter AI™ Gateway is passively cooled and is easily installable on walls, DIN-Rails, or in 19-inch Racks (with adapter). The Smarter AI™ Gateway is monitored by AnyConnect Console, providing health parameters as well as an overview of the whole camera network.


Smarter AI™ Gateway Multi

Smarter AI™ Gateway Solo

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