Smarter Video Telematics for Fleet Management Solutions

Growth of Video Telematics for Fleet Management Solutions

Several market research companies predict a strong growth of 25% per year until 2025 for Video Telematics enabled Fleet Management Solutions. Does your company deliver less than 25% growth per year? Is your business suffering because you don’t have or have a subpar Video Telematics solution? Don’t be left behind, get the most advanced Video Telematics Solution integrated with your Fleet Management System now!

Here is how it works, in 3 simple steps:

1. Select your cameras

Fast: Select a Dashcam already integrated with AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform for a very short time to market. Multiple options are available: ADAS, display, Edge Inference, in cabin view etc.

Flexible: Bring your own Dashcam and let AnyConnect integrate it.

2. Bring Video to your client application

Fast: AnyConnect provides an iOS and Android application for Video Telematics for Fleet Management. This App is visually customizable to your company style guide.

Flexible: AnyConnect software libraries enable you to bring AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform to your existing client application running on: Android, iOS, Web*, Linux, Windows* & MacOS*

3. Integration at the Backend level

Fast & Flexible: Backend integration with AnyConnect is simple using standard APIs like OAuth 2.0. AnyConnect API offers different depths of integration suiting all needs.