What are Virtual Assistants?

A virtual assistant in the context of connected smart camera and sensor devices, gives you control over your devices and systems. Virtual assistants facilitate the integration of cameras with other connected devices, allowing them to interact with each other. An example of that is to show cameras to TVs or other devices with displays, like the Amazon Echo Spot or the Google Chromecast.

Virtual assistants are often used to control smart homes but are increasingly popular with other connected devices, like cars, wearables, etc.Popular virtual assistants include Apple HomeKit (Siri), Google Assistant, and the Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa / Alexa Skills

Alexa users query and control AnyConnect cameras through Alexa Skills. AnyConnect uses Alexa’s pre-built smart home skills, making it super easy for end-users to interact with the system as they do not have to learn the name of the skill. For example, AnyConnect enables a user to stream a camera to a Fire TV display or Echo Show or Spot by saying: “Alexa, show the front door camera.”

Google Home / Google Assistant / Actions on Google

Google Assistant users can query and control AnyConnect cameras through standard voice commands. AnyConnect cameras integrate with Google Home providing seamless integration and control for people with multiple systems from different suppliers. Video streaming between an AnyConnect camera and a Chromcast or an assistant with a display like the Google Nest Hub is easy and convenient using a simple standard command like: “Hey Google, show the front door camera.”

Benefits of AnyConnect Virtual Assistant Support.

AnyConnect Virtual Assistant Support enables camera (and other connected devices) onboarding in seconds, maximizing customer and user satisfaction while maintaining security and compliance with data protection and privacy regulations. AnyConnect Virtual Assistant Support delivers:

  • Single point of control. Control all of your cameras, and your smart home devices and systems, from your virtual assistant.
  • Maximize home security. Combine your connected cameras with access control, lighting, and other smart home devices and systems for maximum home security – whether you’re in the house or around the world.
  • Beyond smart home. It works beyond smart homes, for instance, cars, drones, potentially any connected object.