Smarter Surveillance & CCTV Cameras (IP Cameras)

It started with the first Vericon CCTV system in 1949, capable of live streams only, until Philips released the first affordable VCR in 1972, enabling CCTV recordings on tapes. Progress with CCTVs accelerated father in the 1990s with the first video multiplexers.

In 1996, IP cameras were introduced to the video surveillance industry by AXIS with the Neteye 200. IP CCTV & surveillance systems have two drawbacks versus analog systems; latency and more system complexity. The advantages outweigh these drawbacks, by having simpler cabling (no more interference, multiple video streams on one cable, etc.), allowing more flexible use cases and more operators. IP CCTV simplified video recording and enabled video analytics.

IP CCTV systems are still widely in use today, and while they’re functional, they have some inherent limitations. Their architecture of IP cameras with a Video Management System (VMS) providing the access control to those cameras as well as streaming protocols that are non-adaptive prevent the mass & safe deployments of those systems over the internet. They are confined to corporate and dedicated private networks. Additionally, loosely defined protocols like ONVIF hinder Edge AI.

The evolution of IP CCTV and surveillance systems is connected CCTV and Surveillance systems. Those systems are designed for wireless and cellular networks and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What is AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform?

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform is a set of software libraries for cameras, mobile devices, computers, and an overarching cloud platform that makes a camera (such as smarter IP cameras) smarter.

AnyConnect’s patented technologies enable guaranteed and low latency video & audio connections through NATs, especially wireless and cellular networks & cloud video recording.

Our platform excels in computer vision at the edge, and the cloud, in a secure and data-protection-compliant way. A console provides a full overview of all connections and offers granular control over the entire system.

How does AnyConnect make your connected & CCTV cameras smarter?

Wireless and cellular ready surveillance and CCTV camera networks

IP camera systems require a dedicated corporate or private network. The AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform makes your cameras ready for Wireless and cellular networks as well as the internet in general with its patented technologies for instant connections as well as adaptive bitrate streaming. Deploy cameras everywhere without port mapping on your NAT router, or adding VPNs and firewalls.

Deploy intelligence at the edge for CCTV & surveillance cameras

Get alerted, in real-time, when something requiring attention occurs. You can train your own neural networks, or get them from someone for security or operational functionalities, like people counting, incident detection, and more. AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform enables you to deploy, manage, and monitor neural networks at the edge seamlessly over the air.

Edge inference acceleration for surveillance and CCTV cameras

There seems to be a new machine learning framework or a new AI accelerator announced almost every day. The variety of choices makes it hard to choose the right one, especially with considerations like having different cameras, each with various AI accelerators. AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform takes care of this for you. If the network can technically run on the AI accelerator, it can also convert it to make it run seamlessly.

A security system that is secured

Security systems need to be secured, especially if they are connected. AnyConnect takes cybersecurity seriously. Access Control is native to the system. All streams are encrypted, and all clients are authentified. With AnyConnect’s deep expertise in systems on chips, AnyConnect integrates the crypto coprocessor, like ARM TrustZone or Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0). AnyConnect also has external parties to conducts security audits on its Smarter AI™ Camera Platform regularly.

Future proof your surveillance & CCTV systems

With AnyConnect for your CCTV and surveillance systems, you can envision the future with confidence. The platform offers over-the-air (OtA) updates for edge devices as well as a clear support strategy regarding operating systems. Multiple support plans are available to accommodate the needs of your customers. Specific hardware manufacturers will never force you to work with them as AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform works with many system-on-chips (SoCs), and AI accelerators, giving you choice, freedom, and flexibility.

Simplified onboarding & management for surveillance & CCTV cameras

IT resources are rare, making their time expensive. Your customer’s time is equally valuable. AnyConnect has put a lot of attention into the Onboarding process for cameras and clients, ensuring that anyone could do it—not only the experts. Decrease administration & support costs with AnyConnect’s Console, which gives you centralized configuration and access control. Understand your camera networks in detail, in real-time.

Wireless & cellular networks ready CCTV and surveillance cameras

For most CCTV and surveillance systems, Ethernet with PoE (Power over Ethernet) has been the gold standard. While you can use Ethernet with AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform, to simplify and accelerate deployments in certain areas as well as reduce costs, you can now use Wireless (Wi-Fi) & Cellular (4G/LTE/5G) Networks. AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform has been designed around wireless and cellular networks, providing a great customer experience with its best in class Adaptive Streaming and seamless handling of network transitions and instant connections.

Simple integration with your video management system

No one likes to undertake a complex, time-consuming, expensive, multi-site, and multi-company software integration project. AnyConnect provides a simple set of REST APIs for simple and fast integration with Video Management Systems (VMS). AnyConnect’s patented video streaming is enabled through software libraries and APIs for Android & iOS , Windows and Web applications are supported upon request. We support OAuth 2.0 authentication as well as single sign-on (SSO) and Social login.

Data and privacy compliant surveillance systems

Compliance is a challenge for CCTV and Surveillance systems operators. There are many variables to keep in mind, and they can change or evolve with time. AnyConnect gets the video part covered, helping your customers with GDPR compliance, and AnyConnect has no ties with countries with known data handling and processing controversies. AnyConnect console facilitates audits by providing a log of every event and connection. Lost recording tape, hard drive, or memory card is an old memory as  Recording video is in the cloud, and video/audio/data deletion is logged.

Simple, non-disruptive deployments for existing IP cameras systems

Deploying completely new (greenfield) AI-Driven, connected CCTV and surveillance systems is ideal. But, reality often requires supporting multiple legacy systems deployed in phases without disrupting existing systems. AnyConnect provides a solution to the problem: the Smarter AI™ Gateway. The Smarter AI™ Gateway offers to transform standard IP cameras, in brownfield environments, but not only, in AI-Driven, connected cameras networks. AI Gateways are compatible with most RTSP and ONVIF Profile S cameras.