Smarter Video Telematics for Fleet Management Solutions

Evolution of Fleet Management Solutions

To remain competitive in today’s AI-fueled, always-on & ever-connected world, fleet operators demand solutions for real-time visibility and control over their fleets and drivers. With the expectation that fleet management solutions help them reduce cost & liabilities, automatically monitor and train their drivers, prevent theft and enforce compliance. All this, in a secure way, in accordance with global data-privacy guidelines and laws.

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform helps fleet management solutions to achieve this, and much more by providing a secure, real-time video telematics with edge inference on almost any camera. This empowers fleet management solutions with an edge in this competitive market, while helping them offer new service that drive additional revenue.

What is AnyConnect Smarter AI™ Camera Platform?

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform is a set of software libraries for cameras, mobile devices and computers, as well as an overarching cloud platform that makes any camera on it, smarter.

AnyConnect’s patented technologies enable guaranteed and low latency video & audio connection, through NATs, especially wireless and cellular networks & cloud video recording.

Our platform also excels in computer vision at the edge and in the cloud, in a secure and data-protection-compliant way. A console provides a complete overview of all connections and provides granular control over the whole system.


How does AnyConnect make your
Fleet Management Solution Smarter?

Real Time Oversight over your Fleet

Access live video, audio and Data (Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Environmental sensors, CAN etc.) from your vehicles, at any time, from anywhere. The platform’s low network latency enables real-time oversight with real-time notification, as well as bidirectional audio. The support for multiple video sensors (cameras) per vehicle ensures that you’ll have no blind spots for your vehicles.

Deploy Intelligence at the Edge

Get alerted, in real time, when something that requires your attention happens in or around your vehicle. Whether you train your own neural networks, or get them from someone for Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) functionalities, to monitor your drivers (somnolence, phone use, inattention, etc.), AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform enables you to and deploy, manage and monitor neural networks at the edge seamlessly over the air.

Edge Inference Acceleration

It seems like companies announce a new neural network accelerator, or a new machine learning framework almost daily. Which one should you select? What if you have different cameras with different Neural Network accelerators? AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform takes care of this for you. If the network can technically run on the Neural Network Accelerator, it can also convert it, to make it run seamlessly.

Theft Prevention

Theft of goods and merchandise is a costly problem for fleet operators. Preventing theft, as well as having ways to investigate if a theft occurs, is key for today’s fleet operators.

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform supports Neural Network video analytics to minimize false alarms and show your customers only what is important. The system sends you live notifications to get alerted when a crime is in process, and low latency, bidirectional audio helps with stopping thieves.

With the support for multiple video sensors (cameras), you’ll have no blind spots. Video recording in the cloud means that stealing the camera will no longer mean a loss of evidence.


No one would hand the keys of their vehicle to a stranger. Your video telematics system should be the same.

AnyConnect takes cybersecurity very seriously. Access Control is native to the system. All streams are encrypted, and all clients are authentified. Furthermore, with AnyConnect’s deep expertise with chips, your customers can be confident in the quality and security of the integration of the proposed cameras.

Future-Proof your Fleet Management Solution

With AnyConnect’s Video Telematics, envision the future with confidence. The platform offers over-the-air (OtA) updates for edge devices as well as a clear support strategy regarding operating systems. Multiple support plans are available to accommodate the needs of your customers. You will never be locked with a specific hardware manufacturer, as AnyConnect camera makers, System-on-Chip and Neural Network Accelerators manufacturers gives you choice, freedom and flexibility.

Simplified Onboarding & Management

Your customer’s time is precious, and IT-savvy resources are rare, expensive and quite often busy. That’s why AnyConnect has put a lot of attention to the Onboarding process for cameras and clients, ensuring that anyone could do it—not only the experts.

Decrease administration & support costs with AnyConnect’s Console, which provides centralized configuration and access control. Understand exactly what is happening on your system, in real time.

Fleet Management Solution That’s Built for Wireless & Cellular Networks

Wireless & Cellular Networks are the backbone of your Fleet Management Solution. Your Video Telematics solution should be built from the ground up to be Wireless & Cellular Networks first (or at least, friendly).

AnyConnect’s Smarter AI™ Camera Platform has been designed around wireless and cellular networks, providing a great customer experience with its best in class Adaptive Streaming and seamless handling of network transitions and instant connections.

Simple Integration with your Fleet Management System

No one likes complex, time consuming, expensive, multi-site and multi-company software integration projects. AnyConnect provides a simple set of REST APIs for a simple and fast integration with Fleet Management Systems. AnyConnect’s patented video streaming is enabled through software libraries and APIs for Android, iOS, Windows and Web Clients. Authentication works with our systems and social logins through OAuth 2.0.


Compliance can be a big burden for fleet managers. There are so many variables to keep in mind, and they change very quickly. AnyConnect gets the video part covered with GDPR compliance and has no ties with countries prone to controversy. To facilitate your audits, the console provides a log of every event and connection. Recording video in the cloud makes it very difficult to tamper with or delete video/audio recordings.