Connected Devices

Our patented technology changes how devices connect and communicate

AnyConnect Connected Devices comprises solutions that provide device makers with guaranteed connections, secure onboarding, access control, event-based alerts, and notifications.

Our technology is embedded in products used by 98% of the largest 500 companies worldwide. Our customers have built consumer, enterprise, and business-critical applications rated 4.5 stars with 1,000,000 reviews.

As pioneers of STUN, TURN, and ICE, we hold numerous patents foundational to the standard.

Our Connect Helper Libraries enable guaranteed firewall and NAT traversal for fixed and mobile applications over any fixed or mobile network, through any NAT or firewall, and to any device.


Our STUN, TURN, and ICE NAT Traversal protocols provide guaranteed connections.

Near Instant

Leverage our Connect Platform Libraries to improve connection speed for your device.

Simple & Secure

Our APIs allow unique resource discovery and registration flow for simple and secure onboarding, in seconds.

Easy Access

Give end users the ease and control of inviting and granting the appropriate access level for anyone, anywhere, to access a camera.

Analyze Every

Our web-based console gives you the knowledge of every connection and the tools to analyze how end users engage with your devices.


Don’t let your device’s notification wake end
users up in the middle of the night. Design and provide end users with customizable
notifications to manage unique event alerts.

Solutions For Connected Devices

Instant Secure Connections

Have you launched an application or shipped a device and had your customers complaining that they cannot connect? Is NAT and Firewall traversal troublesome for your design team? Do you worry about secure connectivity?

With millions of deployed devices, we have encountered a world of connection edge cases and as a result, provide you guaranteed connectivity on any network, any device. Many of our customers adopt our technology to resolve customer complaints about connectivity. You can integrate our cross-platform APIs in a matter of days, and we guarantee your product will connect in all scenarios.

  • Guaranteed secure application-level connectivity on any network
  • No need to open ports or have customers configure routers
  • Extensive Connect Platform Libraries for your various needs

Secure Onboarding & Access Control

Is your onboarding process easy for your customers? Is it secure? As an IP Camera maker, about you worried about security flaws? Are you concerned with potential security lapses in your current system? Does your data and user management processes comply with local privacy requirements?

  • Low level messaging to support sensors of all types.
  • Secure onboarding of new devices.
  • Device and application registration, authentication management, password management
  • User and data management processes, which are compliant with local legal requirements.
  • Permissions management (admission and revocation), group access.

Event-based Alerts and Notifications

Are you developing a system to enable event-based alerts? Would you like to develop a new Monthly Recurring Revenue(MRR) stream based on a notification service? Do you need your notifications to be aggregated differently depending on which hour of the day? Can your infrastructure support high volume, real-time notifications? Adopt our technology to build flexible yet precise event alerts and notifications.

  • Highly customizable filters to create precise events and corresponding notifications.
  • Aggregation of alerts and notifications.
  • Support for push notifications.
  • Low latency, massively-scaled messaging infrastructure for sensor and camera maker.

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.