Guaranteed Instant Connections

To understand how AnyConnect’s platform guarantees instant connections between devices, we will have to start from the problems with NATs.

What is NAT?

Network Address Translation (NAT) is a technique by which a router remaps a public IP address space into a private IP address space by translating IP addresses in packet headers. NATs forward solicited packets to their destinations, and discard unsolicited packets.

Similarly, Port Address Translation (PAT) is a technique by which a router remaps a public port space into a private port space by modifying port numbers in packet headers. NAT and PAT (together, NAPT) enable IP masquerading, a technique by which many devices share a single public IP address.

What is NAT?

NATs break connections

However, NATs break device-to-device connections for services like IoT, home automation, and video telephony, because when two devices are behind different NATs, neither NAT will forward unsolicited packets from the other, which prevents one device from initiating a connection to another.

NATs problems

What is NAT Traversal?

NAT Traversal is a computer networking methodology which establishes and maintains device-to-device connections across routers that implement NAPT and IP masquerading.

NAT Traversal is required for network applications that require device-to-device connections, such as file sharing, VoIP, and video telephony, and IoT.

Our platform enables STUN, TURN, and ICE (READ MORE) across your device.

STUN, TURN, and ICE are standard client-server NAT traversal protocols which enable device-to-device connections:

STUN – enables a device to discover its public IP address

TURN – enables a server to relay packets between devices

ICE – enables a device to communicate its public IP address and connect to other devices

From the diagram:

1. STUN lookup
2. TURN allocation
3. Invitation
4. STUN lookup
5. TURN allocation
6. ICE negotiation
7. Connection established

STUN, TURN, and ICE for guaranteed instant connections

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