Junior Product Manager

The product & marketing team is looking for a junior product manager who possesses critical thinking skills, with a good mix of general and tech know-hows. This person will join a rapidly growing tech company and can learn from the best in the industry.


Details about this career opportunity

We live in a reality where smart-things like smartphones, smart watches and smart cars are ubiquitous. Every technology enthusiast seeking to make their mark, and carve a career out of their passion, aspires to have a role in creating the next big thing that could revolutionize the industry.

AnyConnect is a technology company with a software platform that is set to make its mark in the IoT sphere, and we’re looking for promising, passionate talents who can lend their hand in accomplishing our vision of building a world of smarter cameras, through our platform. The best part? Experience is optional.

We’re looking for a Junior Product manager to join our diverse team who come from all over the world, and can lend you their experience, and varied perspectives to help you excel in the role. We are a team of all-stars looking for that next rising star, who is passionate about technology. If that sounds like you, read the requirements outlined and apply below!

AnyConnect Career Profiles


Hard requirements:

A willingness to learn, on top of your own knowledge.
Experience is not mandatory for the role. That makes the position a great starting point to kickstart your career and get paid commensurate to your passion and eagerness, not experience (this is to say, we pay more than competitively). 0-4 years of experience is good for this role.

An articulate passion for technology.
Blind passion is not what we are looking for. We are looking for someone who has developed understanding of their interest in tech, driven by their own curiosity, about technology systems, software and the hardware they are on.

Problem solver & excellent communicator.
You will be dealing with external parties who might not understand technical lexicons, while gathering information from borderline Asperger, and highly technical programmers who speak in strictly direct and binary ways. You need to be able to manage this communication paradigm and solve problems from any front in the course of your interactions with any party. Given that, you will need to be a competent communicator, and possess the ability to distil complex ideas into digestible pieces, and conversely, extrapolate simple ideas into complex workflows.

Eye for design.
You need to be able to tell good design from bad ones. This means you should be able to picture yourself from the different end-user’s perspective to understand whether the design meets communication objectives for an intended audience.

Logical, critical thinker.
The job comes with a certain degree of autonomy, and requires an individual who is smart, independent and capable of making work-related decisions that make absolute logical sense.

Bonus or soft requirements:

Computer Programming background.
An understanding or interest in computer systems, cameras, networks video surveillance and deep learning is a huge leg up in succeeding in the role, should you not have any form of technical training in the industry.

Understanding of the API economy.
If you come with an upfront understanding, great. If you don’t, we’ll teach you (or you’ll learn from your product understanding journey in no time).

Marketing communications (Marcomm) know-how.
As a product manager, you serve as the catalyst to writing product descriptions to help internal and external parties understand your product. With that, it would be great if you understood how to best convey the complex nature of the product.

Good grasp of tools required to get the job done. Otherwise, a willingness to learn them.
– Excel (VLOOKUPs should come second nature to you)
– PowerPoint and Word
– Simple Image Editing (Photoshop, GIMP or any other tool to create simple visuals)
– Huge Bonus (but not required): Scripting, Data Analytics Tools such as PowerBI, Google Data Studio and Tableau

What exactly you’ll be doing

Product Management (…duh)
You’ll be working on our main service – the smarter camera platform. You’ll be dealing with edge devices, smartphones, computers, the web, cloud, and machine learning. To some degree, this also means you’ll be managing specific projects that you require for the product, this could be new site pages, marketing flows, designs and collateral – which you will work with the relevant team members to deliver.

Managing and maintaining partnerships.
You’ll be working with various external industry partners to strategically improve the standing of the platform (your product). This includes managing business strategies, and handling technical interfaces with whoever you speak to.

Communicating learnings from dealing with external parties to the development team.
You’ll serve as the eyes and ears of the development team internally, and they will defer to your experiences to understand market conditions and sentiment pertaining to the product.

Plan and create new assets that effectively explain or promote the AnyConnect smarter camera platform, to the world.
You’ll work with a world-class marketing, UX and design team with killer insights and experience to help you make your vision a reality.


Here are some of your future team-mates in PRODUCT & MARKETING
Claude Hochreutiner

Director of Platform & Data

Jan Rick Mascarina

Marketing & Communucations Manager

Lasitha Lokuge

Web Designer & Developer

Vignesh Sridharan

UX & UI Designer

AnyConnect has 4.2 stars on Glassdoor. This is why.

Diverse, world-class team

Our team of 40+ consists of people from over 12 different nationalities. We do more than welcome diversity – we embrace it. Our culture is a come-as-you-are one, as long as who you are can deliver good work, and avoid friction with your team-mates, then you’re cool in our books.

Centrally located office in Singapore

We’re located in City Hall, which means you are spoilt for good food, have easy access to get to more interesting activities after work, or drown yourself at any one of the many of bars you’re a minute away from, if and when you need to.

Global company, start-up culture

We function like a lean and agile team, who is here to support one another to do the job as best we can. With this in mind, we have no hard-set rules in terms of where you work and how, and are truly flexible in most regards, and understand that people thrive and deliver their best when they are comfortable.

Competitive remuneration and modern equipment

On top of market-competitive remuneration, we equip all our staff with brand new hardware and tools they need in order to succeed. We are platform agnostic, so on top of the brand new laptop you get to break-in, we support the purchase of tools to help with productivity.

Fit the bill? Apply now!