Product Marketing Manager

The Product & Marketing team is looking for a proven Product Marketing Manager to help us effectively communicate and convey the benefits of using our world-class smarter camera platform. You'll help direct and define our product vision, prioritize features that are strategically advantageous for product marketing, and find ways to upsell to our current customer base. If this sounds like you, apply below.


Details about this career opportunity

We live in a reality where smart-things like smartphones, smart watches and smart cars are ubiquitous. Every technology enthusiast seeking to make their mark, and carve a career out of their passion, aspires to have a role in creating the next big thing that could revolutionize the industry.

AnyConnect is a technology company with a software platform that is set to make its mark in the IoT sphere, and we’re looking for a proven talent who can lend their hand in accomplishing our vision of building a world of smarter cameras, through our platform.

Today, our IoT Video platform powers millions of connected cameras and video devices for customers including AT&T / DirecTV, Intel, and Philips. We’re now building next generation computer vision features to power autonomous cameras.

We’re looking for a Product Marketing Manager to join our diverse team who come from all over the world, to join ranks with our highly skilled team in Singapore. If you, like us, are excited about what IoT and computer vision can do for customers, and possess a passion to help customers understand technologies and their value propositions while helping to grow a pioneering smart camera platform – then we’re looking for you!

AnyConnect Career Profiles


Hard requirements:

Graduate degree in business, computer science, or relevant field of study.
You need a good and relevant educational foothold in order to succeed in this role, as we’re dealing with a complex and highly-technical subject matter. Part of your education should encompass an understanding of IoT, machine learning, and XaaS technologies and businesses.

Demonstrated ability to launch and grow benchmark technology products.
You should have a repertoire of proven results that demonstrate an ability to drive products toward key success indicators. As part of this, you should also have demonstrated an ability to create compelling content for technology products. This means that you should display an understanding of how to craft content that helps push product awareness, and that effectively communicates product ethos and details to any spectrum of an audience.

Combine strategic thinking with creative and detailed execution.
You need to know how to plan, as well as to execute full marketing plans that seek to improve product standing.

Superior communication and presentation skills.
You should have good communication skills, with the killer combination of having the confidence paired with a keen understanding of effective communication skills to talk to anyone from the C-suite face-to-face to remote developers who may not be that well-versed in English.

Strong leadership; articulate recommendations and drive consensus.
You’re a natural leader, and take on responsibilities like a champ. You’re able to lead teams effectively, and understand complex team dynamics, and understand how to navigate them with ease.

Bonus or soft requirements:

Passion for technology; explain complex technologies in simple terms.
You are going to live and breathe AnyConnect’s products. With this in mind, you should display a keen personal interest in the industry or the application of technologies that we use our platform for. Even better: both. To excel in this job, you need to love what you do and fully understand the technical ways in which our product works, and understand the complex applications for them in various markets and industries.

Help customers understand use cases and value propositions.
As a product champion, you’ll help with spreading excitement about our product and the marketing initiatives around them, understanding how specific features of the product speak to specific audiences.

You love what you do and make work fun. You’re technical and creative, take on challenges, and make a big impact.
Ultimately, you understand that this is a high-impact role with the opportunity to accomplish big things in your career, and are driven to do just that with the company.

What exactly you’ll be doing

Tell the world why AnyConnect is the smarter camera platform of the future.
Communicate the benefits of our platform to customers across vertical markets and supply chains. To people at any level understand how our product works, by extrapolating simple concepts or conversely, simplifying overly-complex material into something that is tailored and market-suited to each intended audience.

Define product position, and product marketing road map.
Define our positioning and messaging, develop content to communicate use cases and value propositions, and execute programs to increase awareness, drive adoption, and cross-sell and up-sell new services to our installed base.

Provide market-driven input to product development and business teams.
Work with our business and product all-star teams to shape our product vision, prioritize features, and grow our platform.

Work in tandem with the extended team to drive communal shared results. 
As the product marketing manager, your job will be to align the product’s vision and direction, with the different stakeholders internally and externally. You’ll serve as a holder of product information and effectively relay product information to whomever needs it.

Meet the rest of the team in PRODUCT & MARKETING

Here are some of your future team-mates:

Chris Piche

Founder and CTO

Claude Hochreutiner

Director of Platform & Data

Robel Sharma

Product Development Manager

Palash Borhan

Software Development Manager

AnyConnect has 4.2 stars on Glassdoor. This is why.

Diverse, world-class team

Our team of 40+ consists of people from over 12 different nationalities. We do more than welcome diversity – we embrace it. Our culture is a come-as-you-are one, as long as who you are can deliver good work, and avoid friction with your team-mates, then you’re cool in our books.

Centrally located office in Singapore

We’re located in City Hall, which means you are spoilt for good food, have easy access to get to more interesting activities after work, or drown yourself at any one of the many of bars you’re a minute away from, if and when you need to.

Global company, start-up culture

We function like a lean and agile team, who is here to support one another to do the job as best we can. With this in mind, we have no hard-set rules in terms of where you work and how, and are truly flexible in most regards, and understand that people thrive and deliver their best when they are comfortable.

Competitive remuneration and modern equipment

On top of market-competitive remuneration, we equip all our staff with brand new hardware and tools they need in order to succeed. We are platform agnostic, so on top of the brand new laptop you get to break-in, we support the purchase of tools to help with productivity.

Fit the bill? Apply now!