Technology Content Manager

The product & marketing team is looking for a technology content manager who possesses critical thinking skills, with a good mix of general and tech know-hows, who can apply their knowledge toward crafting quality technology content for the company. This individual will have a killer grasp of the English language, and have demonstrable technology writing and editing skills. If that sounds like you, apply now.


Details about this career opportunity

We live in a reality where smart-things like smartphones, smart watches and smart cars are ubiquitous. Every technology enthusiast seeking to make their mark, and carve a career out of their passion, aspires to have a role in creating the next big thing that could revolutionize the industry.

AnyConnect is a technology company with a software platform that is set to make its mark in the IoT sphere, and we’re looking for a proven talent who can lend their hand in accomplishing our vision of building a world of smarter cameras, through our platform.

Today, our IoT Video platform powers millions of connected cameras and video devices for customers including AT&T / DirecTV, Intel, and Philips. We’re now building next generation computer vision features to power autonomous cameras.

We’re looking for a Technology Content Manager to join our diverse team who come from all over the world, to join ranks with our highly skilled team in Singapore. We are a team of all-stars looking for one to stand amongst us, who is passionate about technology, and highly competent about translating that passion into words. If that sounds like you, read the requirements outlined and apply below!

AnyConnect Career Profiles


Hard requirements:

Broad understanding of technologies, cloud computing, IoT platforms and APIs.
To excel in this role, you’ll need to come packed with preexisting knowledge about key subject matters that directly relate to what we do at AnyConnect. While in-depth knowledge on specifics like how we do, and how our platform works can (and will) be explained, you’ll need a top-level understanding with how key things work in order to make sense of the technical information.

Developing technology content, both as an individual contributor and by hiring, editing, and managing writers and designers.
You should have demonstrable hands-on experience with directly crafting tech content, as well as managing and working with inter-departmental teams that work on outbound content.

Have worked with Engineering Departments (Software developers).
It is paramount that you have worked with engineers before. This is crucial as most of what we do and how things work are designed by these very engineers, and this will be a main source of information when crafting content. You need to understand the specific ways in which they think and present information, the quirks (and benefits) of collaborating with them, and the technology lingo that they use.

Distributing technology content to business audiences.
You’ll need to know optimal process of business content distribution, and be able to determine and segment and prepare content for internal platforms and outbound use. Any insider knowledge with the who’s and how’s of the tech publishing sphere will be a bonus.

The Queen’s English. 
Impeccable English, is a of course, a prerequisite for this role.

Bonus or soft requirements:

A university degree in mass communication, communications management, or engineering.
A formal education in communications or a technical engineering one would be advantageous to any applicant for this role.

Data analysis and data-driven decision making.
Beyond crafting content, you should know how to analyse it, to optimize content on the go, or improve with subsequent future content work. You should understand digital methodologies for testing copies and content digitally, such as multi-variant testing.

Online community management.
You should understand how to manage and best communicate with a community of people. This will complement marketing efforts to build out and capture profile segments online.

Demonstrable experience as a Technology Content Manager.
Any prior experience writing about technology or for a technology company dealing with complex, high-value solutions is a huge bonus to applicants.

What exactly you’ll be doing

Develop technology content including white papers, articles, slides, videos, and more.
One of the key objectives of the job is to craft the content that we will use on technical collateral. This will include but is not limited to: white papers, articles, slides, videos, digital scripts, social content, walk-through(s) and guides, documentation primers, technical executive summaries and more. If you have a knack for distilling complex information, and extrapolating simple points into a substantially bigger content piece, then you could be the one we’re looking for.

Content distribution for different audiences. 
You’ll refine (and write) the current distribution methods for AnyConnect content, to best reach intended audiences of whatever content you craft.

Write high level technical documentation.
You’ll be able to extract information from developers and other team members to create high-level technical documentation, that effectively encapsulate larger discussions, complex technical documents and even technical meetings, into usable content pieces.

Set guidelines for documentation writing.
You’ll refine (and write) additional guidelines to our professional tone of voice when communicating with technology-oriented business-people.

Manage multiple writers, designers and distribution channels.
You’ll work with an extended team to meet your content objectives within given timelines and scopes. You’ll refine (and write) processes in which content is delivered once requested, and document the said process for the team, and for other stakeholders.


Here are some of your future team-mates in PRODUCT & MARKETING
Chris Piche

Founder and CTO

Claude Hochreutiner

Director of Platform & Data

Robel Sharma

Product Development Manager

Palash Borhan

Software Development Manager

AnyConnect has 4.2 stars on Glassdoor. This is why.

Diverse, world-class team

Our team of 40+ consists of people from over 12 different nationalities. We do more than welcome diversity – we embrace it. Our culture is a come-as-you-are one, as long as who you are can deliver good work, and avoid friction with your team-mates, then you’re cool in our books.

Centrally located office in Singapore

We’re located in City Hall, which means you are spoilt for good food, have easy access to get to more interesting activities after work, or drown yourself at any one of the many of bars you’re a minute away from, if and when you need to.

Global company, start-up culture

We function like a lean and agile team, who is here to support one another to do the job as best we can. With this in mind, we have no hard-set rules in terms of where you work and how, and are truly flexible in most regards, and understand that people thrive and deliver their best when they are comfortable.

Competitive remuneration and modern equipment

On top of market-competitive remuneration, we equip all our staff with brand new hardware and tools they need in order to succeed. We are platform agnostic, so on top of the brand new laptop you get to break-in, we support the purchase of tools to help with productivity.

Fit the bill? Apply now!