System-on-Chip (SoC) Overview
Application i.MX 8 Series Applications Processors
AI Accelerator NA
Launched 2017
Interfaces USB 3.0, 2x PCI-e
Cores 5
Core Information Cortex-A53, Cortex-M4F
Video Codec Support h.264 h.265 AV1
Number of Imagers Unknown
Max Video Resolution 8 MP
Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Connectivity Cellular Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Crypto Core TrustZone®
Other Notes According to NXP, extending the scalable range of the i.MX 8 series, the i.MX 8X family is comprised of common subsystems and architecture from the higher-end i.MX 8 family, establishing a range of cost-performance scaling with pin-compatible options and a high level of software reuse. Built with high-level integration to support graphics, video, image processing, audio, and voice functions, the i.MX 8X processor family is ideal for safety-certifiable and efficient performance requirements. Example applications include industrial automation & control, HMI, robotics, building control, automotive cluster, display audio, infotainment, and telematics applications.

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