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Cloud APIs for secure IoT

Internet of Things platform brought to you as a service. Reduce time to market and pay as you go.

First impressions matter. When your customer unboxes your device and tries to setup for the first time, the process should be intuitive. AnyConnect provides the streamlined process for customer on-boarding.

For seamless communication over the internet it is imperative to establish strong handshakes and dedicated communication channels between devices. Our communications products and technology allows your apps, devices, and things to communicate reliably with each other.

Connecting devices or applications on the internet has an implication on user experience and server bandwidth costs. Our connectivity product guarantees connectivity, improves customer experience, and lowers server bandwidth costs.

Your devices are on the field, sensing and communicating. Our monitoring product allows your customers to set triggers and get notified in the event of breach. Use our cloud APIs to build triggers in your customer apps.

A full-stack cloud solution with interoperability at its core

Signaling allows devices to say “Hey, I am here”, i.e. publish their IP address over the internet and maintain their presence over the network. Our platform supports most common signaling protocols.

Setting up a call between devices over the internet can take two forms: Relay or Peer-to-Peer. Peer-to-Peer is the most efficient and fastest method, but there are times when the traffic will need ‘help’ to get through, and relay is needed. We fully support both, with the highest Peer-to-Peer rates in existence, and with seamless selection of either Peer-to-Peer or Relay, as the situation demands. Our network traversal technology is the best of breed, patented, and includes support for web-based communications.

Live voice or video is streamed over the internet as data packets. Speed and reliability of media transfer depends on data compression algorithms and data transport protocols used. AnyConnect supports a wide range of voice and video codecs, algorithms and protocols.

Connecting 100M+ apps, devices, and things for our customers

We hold ecosystem defining patents and chair IoT consortiums

We co-founded the consortium along with Intel and currently chair the consortium’s Remote Access Task Force