Web-services for Internet of Things

Internet of Things platform brought to you as a service


IP connections fail more often than meets the eye. Our connectivity and communications platform solves this problem for good


Reduce time to market with easy to integrate APIs across Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms


Never worry about data privacy compliance, load balancing, I/O throughput, data storage, and data processing. Leave the hassle of a scalable and secure backend on us


Need expert help embedding our helper libraries or using our APIs with your apps or devices? Our world class engineering team is available for support.


Track API usage, analyze health of your IoT business, and provide customer support directly from our analytics dashboard


Whether you are testing a new product or replacing your existing technology stack with ours – the usage based pricing model is suitable for any IoT business

Cloud based APIs with interoperability, storage, and analytics at its core


At home, mobile, or in the office – get guaranteed connectivity and highest peer-to-peer rates for your IoT apps and devices on any platform


Bring your IoT apps and devices online – communicating presence and data reliably over the public internet


Analyze bandwidth in real-time and transport best quality audio and video over any network connection or device on any platform

Platform to build and run connected apps and devices

Connecting 100M+ apps, devices, and things for our customers

Leading platform for enterprise HD video conferencing

Purpose-built devices that transform workplace mobility

uGrow baby monitor and mobile apps – remotely capture moments you might otherwise miss! Set temperature & humidity alerts or sing lullabies via the speaker

Intel’s CCF – an intelligent connection framework with convenient peer-to-peer connection APIs

Prominent global device maker developing a connected home storage device accessible remotely outside the home.

We are standards and regulations compliant

We are initial members of the Open Interconnect Consortium and currently chair the Remote Access Task Force

With server infrastructure in multiple locations