Empowering Device Makers With A Scalable End-To-End
IoT Video Platform As A Service (PaaS)

About AnyConnect.

AnyConnect provides a simple-to-integrate set of APIs – an intuitive and comprehensive platform – for designing, developing and deploying IoT video devices.

Why Us?

Get started quickly with source code sample applications. Use AnyConnect to design, build, and test in record time to get your camera to market quickly. Save yourself the time of building a scalable, secure, low latency, fault tolerant video infrastructure – use ours. Instead, spend your time designing valuable, revenue-generating features.

Our platform is developed to build your next generation of IoT Video devices.

Our Focus.

Our technology environment is designed to support devices that require high interoperability with visual sensors. As visual sensors provide rich and versatile information, opportunities for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) are many. Furthermore, our platform is rich with features such as storage, event-based alerts, and a growing set of analytics designed to attract your channel.

As AnyConnect offers the latest reference designs, extensive helper libraries, and plug-and-play applications, you can move fast and focus on what matters – designing the product that fits your target market.

Key Features

Dynamic Application Environment

Robust environment for using out-of-the-box applications or developing customized ones.

Extensive Helper Libraries

Helper libraries for IoT and mobile device platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, and more

Cloud APIs

Add features from access control to streaming to computer vision to your IoT Video devices and applications.
Our Cloud APIs expose JSON REST interfaces which can be called directly or via our helper libraries.

Powered by AI

Computer Vision
Hybrid cloud processing
Smart Alerts

Data Protection

Compliant with Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Japan), General Data Protection Regulation (EU), and more

Video Management System

Manage your entire IoT Video device life cycle from creating security keys to managing deployments and supporting end users.

Extensive & Extensible Features

Including storage, event-based alerts, a growing set of analytics, reference designs, helper libraries, and more.

Derive Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Subscription Billing Infrastructure for your customers.

The World’s Most Popular IoT Video Platform


million IoT video devices.


billion streaming minutes,
4 billion recording minutes.

Largest 500 companies


of the largest 500 companies use
products embedded with our solutions.



patents across 8 countries.

out-of-the-box solutions

From onboarding, accessing, controlling, streaming, storing, analysing, and deploying IoT video devices, AnyConnect’s platform has scalable out-of-the-box solutions for you to plug-and-play or stack-on.

IoT Connected Devices

Instant Secure Connections

Secure Onboarding & Access Control

Events-based Alerts & Notifications

IoT Imaging Sensors

Video Streaming

Recording & Playback

Video Analytics

IoT Device Deployment


Real-Time Reporting

Subscription Services

Start building your IoT Video devices with us.