We are in Wearable Cameras

Support cameras to provide high quality, motion sensitive recording, on the go.


Wearable cameras help end users to keep their hands and vision free for peace of mind, to focus on other tasks, or to capture defining moments in life.

Wearable cameras have a wide range of uses, including action cameras, home, healthcare, medical, military, and police.

AnyConnect supports manufacturers of wearable cameras in creating devices with guaranteed connections, high-resolution streaming, cloud recording/playback, computer vision, and hybrid-cloud analytics features that allows next-generation of wearable cameras to cater to specific end users’ needs.

We support wearable camera manufacturers with

Connected Device

Ensure instant connectivity and guaranteed connections to mobile.

On-Demand Recording

Record videos based on triggers like motion detection, proximity detection, and gesture recognition.

Location Detection

APIs for location detection, optimizing routes, and path tracking.

Smart Cameras Analytics

Detecting motion, objects classification, gestures and facial recognition to trigger event-based alerts

HD And 4K UHD Resolution

With high-resolution wide fields of view, pan and zoom without compromising details.

Compliant To Data Protection

Flexible user and data management processes for legal requirements.

You can find us in

Police Cameras

Police cameras are designed as wearable recording devices to capture video during law enforcement activities for safety and accountability.

AnyConnect extensive APIs are highly relevant in supporting low-powered wearable police cameras and our connected camera cloud services allow wearable cameras to be on an ‘always connected’ state.

Our easy to integrate platform has extensive APIs and solutions supporting your device with the following and more:

  • Automate video quality where cameras are smart enough to adjust and record high-resolution video during critical events.
  • Multiple connected wearable police cameras in proximity can provide multiple perspectives of single scenes.
  • Night vision high-resolution recording to provide accurate video events in low-light conditions.
  • Pre-recording where the cameras will keep a recording of what happened seconds before an actual event to provide more pre-event context.
  • Computer vision and video analytics to trigger event-based alerts and automatic recording.

Live Streaming / Action Cameras

Use cases of live streaming and action cameras are extensive. From a world depending on words to communicate, content creators have progressed into visual content delivering live events, interviews, actions, new point-of-view, video blogging, and more. The world is hungry for more high-definition, high-speed live content, and this is translated to demands for high functional cameras.

AnyConnect provides manufacturers of live streaming and action cameras with seamless HD and 4K UHD streaming. Our APIs support the following and more:

  • Guaranteed connection and near instant connection start up, with patented technologies based on STUN, TURN, and ICE protocols.
  • Gesture or voice-activated start and stop recording and streaming to promote seamless users’ and viewers’ experience.
  • High-resolution, low latency streaming with adaptive QoS that ensure the best quality over any bandwidth.
  • Auto adjustment to changing lighting conditions due to motions.