AI Container Store

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Deploying AI Containers securely, at scale

In edge inference, the classification and/or decision of a neural network typically happens at the edge (on the camera). While inferring on one single device is relatively straightforward, deploying different neural networks from various frameworks, securely, over the air, to millions of different edge devices in the field—is a lot more complicated.

AnyConnect provides a solution to this problem through an AI Container Store, enabling users to deploy AI Containers securely to the edge, at scale, with access control. The AnyConnect Console monitors all devices on the platform, and provides the ability to centrally view, control and manage deployed containers.

  1. Select AI model(s) from our AI Container Store.
  2. Optionally, upload your own AI model(s) to our AI Container Store.
  3. Deploy selected AI model(s) to your Cameras with AnyConnect’s OTA Update feature.
AnyConnect updates your AI containers for Cloud Inference

AnyConnect updates your AI containers for Cloud Inference

A Repository of AI Containers

AnyConnect’s Smarter Camera Platform offers a store of AI Containers in its cloud. The store holds a repository of containers with both free and paid trained neural networks, as well as some software logic.  You can also upload your own AI Containers to the store and either restrict their availability for your account only or offer them to all other AnyConnect accounts—for free or for a fee. Selling your trained neural networks through AnyConnect Smarter Camera Platform leverages your training work to generate revenues.

The store also supports leading deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlowPyTorchKerasMXNet, and more.

AnyConnect OTA updates your AI containers for Edge Inference

AnyConnect OTA updates your AI containers for Edge Inference

AI Container at the Edge

AnyConnect’s Smarter Camera Platform deploys AI Containers to the edge, seamlessly, securely, and over-the-air. The system will deliver the container with the right framework, to the right edge device, and its neural network accelerator—automatically. This system supports heterogeneous edge device deployments with different types of edge inference accelerators, like CPUsGPUsIntel MovidiusGoogle Coral Edge TPU.

The AnyConnect console allows you to manage and monitor the deployment of AI Containers to the edge seamlessly. The management system built into the platform will automatically convert the trained neural networks and their associated logic to the right frameworks needed by your edge device infrastructure.

Our platform will also provide statistics on the quality of inferences centrally.