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IP Cameras were first released in 1996 and have drastically changed the camera market. Since then, IP Cameras have evolved beyond security and surveillance with the proliferation of high-speed bandwidth and chipsets with improved data processing capabilities.

AnyConnect is designed to support smart, connected, and multi-functional IP Cameras. Our platform holds foundational patents and technologies that guarantees connection and connectivity. Vision Platform Library holds APIs to computer vision and machine learning technologies that expand your business offerings.

We understand the competitive nature of IP Cameras, and it drives us to innovate and keep up with your budget, timeline, expectations, and market changes.

We support IP camera manufacturers with

Low Latency

High-resolution, low latency video recording, and streaming.

Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics capabilities to process the customer’s video data stored in our cloud and provide valuable insights that OEMs/ODMs can leverage for incremental revenue from customers.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Supported by a stable, secure cloud infrastructure supporting incremental cloud-based services and capabilities.

Computer Vision

Computer vision capabilities for facial recognition, behaviour classification, and motion analysis.

HD Night Vision

Algorithms that optimizes night vision, brightness, contrast, and frame rate for efficient recording, playback, and streaming.

Additional Features

Supports additional features like event-based lullaby and distress identification.

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IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras have evolved from being just a simple device for recording videos and storing them on the internet to a device that can participate in enhancing security.

Our platform supports IP Camera manufacturers with the following key features and more:

  • High-resolution, low latency streaming, and cloud-based recording.
  • Computer vision capabilities for object classification, facial recognition, behavior classification, and motion analysis.
  • Machine learning applications for automated surveillance and smarter object classification.
  • Advanced algorithms for optimizing night vision, brightness, contrast, and frame rate.
  • Edge/Cloud recording and video analytics.

Baby / Aged / Nanny Monitor

Baby, elderly, or nanny monitors are used to safeguard loved ones. These connected camera devices not only assist parents, family members, and caregivers to have peace of mind, with enhanced features like motion detection and temperature monitoring, devices now act as an additional caregiver.

AnyConnect is designed to enable manufacturers for baby, aged, and nanny monitors to provide the market with advanced capabilities by supporting these key features and more:

  • High-resolution, low latency video streaming.
  • Solutions for efficient remote live viewing of the camera feed.
  • Guaranteed connection regardless of how complex the network configuration is.
  • Cross-platform apps for viewing and controlling camera-feeds from anywhere.
  • Additional features like event-based lullaby and distress identification.
  • Customers can configure personalized event-based alerts.