AnyConnect's Smarter Camera Development Pack

Everything you need to develop your smarter camera.

Choose your pack:

☐ Body camera
☐ Dashcam
☐ Doorbell Camera
☐ Security Camera

Each pack includes:

1. Each type of 'development camera' includes:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Camera module

Movidius AI (edge inference) accelerator

Also included:

2. Pack specific accessories: Accelerometer, GPS sensors, enclosure, mount, cable, etc.

3. AnyConnect Plugin libraries for each of the modules and sensors

4. AnyConnect Platform libraries for Raspbian, Android, and iOS

5. AnyConnect Sample Apps for Raspbian, Android, and iOS

6. AnyConnect Web Services:

    • Onboarding and Access Control
    • Instant Connections
    • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
    • Recording & Playback
    • Event Notifications

7. AnyConnect Dashboard

8. AnyConnect Developer Support:

    • Developer Documentation
    • Technical Support