We are in Smart Cameras for Smart Homes

Support manufacturers to make smart home devices more reliable and, well, smarter.


The next-generation of smart homes will be powered by IoT devices embedded with smart connected cameras.

As visual data is much richer in information, these IoT video-enabled smart home devices will collect more data on the edge and allow better analytics in the cloud. Coupled with machine learning, smart homes of the future will better understand their homeowners to provide a seamless environment that compliments their habits.

AnyConnect is developed to support smart home device makers in incorporating smart camera technology into their IoT video devices.

Imagine you can add highly accurate visual recognition capabilities to your device, and intelligently triggers different access control for different users.

Access our Platform Libraries to find easy-to-integrate machine vision APIs where your distributed camera system can activate geofencing security when the last tenant leaves the premise.

With AnyConnect, there are limitless potentials to increase business value for your next-generation of smart home devices.

We support smart home camera manufacturers with

Onboarding & Access Control

Secure, yet simple method for users to bring their cameras online, provisioned and securely attached while easily control, grant & revoke permissions.


Supports geofencing security based on sensors, analytics, or set of trigger

Guaranteed Connections

100% guaranteed connection regardless of how complex the network configuration is.

Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics capabilities to process the customer’s video data stored in our cloud and provide valuable insights that OEMs/ODMs can leverage for incremental revenue from customers.

Two-Way Communication

Enables intelligent communication between people and machine.

Computer Vision

Computer vision capabilities for facial recognition, behaviour classification, and motion analysis.

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Smart Doorbell Cameras

Smart doorbells are wireless doorbells with built-in sensors, cameras, and microphones that allow homeowners to identify visitors, communicate, and even open locked doors remotely.

AnyConnect is designed to empower manufacturers with smarter doorbells. With our APIs supporting low-powered and easy to implement video analytics capabilities, you can provide the market with the following keys features and more:

  • Enhanced video analytics that can distinguish the deliveryman from intruders.
  • Low latency, high-resolution streaming, recording, and two-way communication
  • Guaranteed connections based on our patented technology that ensures visitors are not left waiting at the door.
  • Extensible APIs for connected camera systems that can extend the doorbell functions to communicate with other IoT devices.

Smart Home Security Systems

Smart home security system goes beyond IP Smart Cameras performing their tasks independently. With distributed smart camera, smart home security devices can work as a ‘team’ performing computer vision tasks and aggregating data in the cloud for analysis using multiple cameras.

AnyConnect is designed to support manufacturers in building connected smart cameras or distributed smart cameras with computer vision and machine learning capabilities to provide security for smart homes and offices. Our extensive Platform Libraries provide highly abstracted APIs to support smart security cameras with simple to complex solutions such as:

  • Guaranteed connection and near instant connection start up based on STUN, TURN and ICE protocols.
  • High-resolution, low latency video recording, and streaming.
  • Optimized video QoS to ensure highest possible resolution, low latency streaming on any bandwidth.
  • Extensive and extensible solutions for computer vision tasks from simple object/facial identification to combining and analyzing multiple modalities of single scenes from a distributed system.

Next-generation Smart Home Devices

In the future of smart home technology, cameras will have a big part to play. A smart refrigerator embedded with cameras will tell its owner what to buy when he/she visits the grocery store. A connected smart TV will have cameras to identify who is watching and recommend shows that best fit the viewer’s preference.

AnyConnect supports smart home device manufacturers with IoT Video capabilities. Use our platform to create devices with visual recognition, machine vision for activating geofencing security when the last tenant leaves the premise, and most importantly, to be able to interconnect with other devices and work together to provide a seamless smart home environment. Our easy to integrate platform has extensive APIs and solutions support you in building your next-generation of IoT devices with embedded cameras enabling the following key features and more:

  • Guaranteed connections and instant connectivity.
  • Highly customizable access control for multiple users with different security levels
  • Advanced computer vision techniques and machine learning algorithms residing in our highly adaptive solutions.
  • Platform Libraries with easy-to-use APIs for you to focus on building new features and deploy faster.
  • New next-generation functions based on visual sensors, powering your devices with new business values.