B2B Digital Marketing Intern

The marketing team is looking for a B2B digital marketing intern, who will be trained with the fundamental skills to thrive in the B2B sphere. This person should have a base understanding about digital marketing, and an eagerness to learn about what it takes to excel in the trade of high-value long-term technology marketing. This person will join a rapidly growing tech company and will be directly mentored by a proven senior marketing specialist.


Personal note from the hiring manager

AnyConnect is a technology company with a software platform that is set to make its mark in the IoT sphere, and we’re looking for promising, passionate marketing talents who can lend their hand in accomplishing our vision of building a world of smarter cameras, through our platform.

We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Intern to join our diverse team who come from all over the world, and can lend you their experience, and varied perspectives to help you excel in the role. If terms like inbound marketing, search marketing, business content creation, business market research and corporate branding and communications sound interesting familiar to you, we’d love to speak to you.

Lets be honest, B2B Marketing isn’t the most glamorous of marketing disciplines. Take it from me (the hiring manager), a marketer with a digital background spanning 10 years, with only 2 of the most recent being in the B2B space. Most of my most memorable work with the most reach lives within the B2C space.

Why’d I leave the more glitzy B2C world then? Among the reasons is the fact that there is actually a lot of room to innovate in the B2B sphere, that’s left unexplored. A low-level example is this rather pointed hiring copy. Effective business communicators understand that it takes some stepping out of the box, to stand out. That said, we hate obfuscating marketing efforts behind fluff. We are clear, direct and always measurable. I personally appreciate that, and if you do too, you might be the kind of budding marketing professional we are looking for. I’ll be happy to chat about your career goals, where this internship fits into that, and personally share more insights I’ve gleaned along the way.

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Hard requirements:

A familiarity with core B2B marketing principles.
Experience is not mandatory for the role (it is, an internship after all). That makes this position a great starting point to kickstart your career. That said, you’re expected to have some form of understanding of inbound marketing, search marketing and B2B Marketing Strategies. If you don’t, brush up with these amazing guides here, here and here respectively as you apply (hint).

A good grasp of the English language.
You’ll be working with borderline pedantic individuals who value quality over anything else. This is especially so for the product of your writing. You’ll need to have a good command of English to excel in the role. If not, you (should) know that’s synonym site and and Grammarly are your BFFs. In fact, if you can point out grammatical and sentencing errors on this page that we may or may not have intentionally included, you’re a shoo-in for a call-back!

Problem spotter & excellent communicator.
While product-centric marketers look for marketing solutions to problems, B2B marketers try to spot them and come up with a strategy to improve, innovate and communicate whatever solution you’ve developed. This will require an analytical mind that questions everything, and finds solutions for them. To do this well, you’ll need to be a good communicator, and by that we mean beyond just the words.

Logical, critical thinker.
The job comes with a certain degree of autonomy, and requires an individual who is smart, independent and capable of making work-related decisions that make absolute logical sense.

Bonus or soft requirements:

Eye for design.
You need to be able to tell good design from bad ones. This means you should be able to picture yourself from the different end-user’s perspective to understand whether the design meets communication objectives for an intended audience.

Understanding of marketing communications (Marcomm).
As a digital marketing intern, you will be a key driver in helping to craft technical copies that clearly convey our intended messages. You’ll be the creator, originator of key marketing copies that help internal and external parties understand key marketing messages. You should know when to dress up more boring ideas, and how to simplify overly complex technical ideas.

A willingness to quickly acquaint yourself with the tools required to get the job done. 
– CRM: HubSpot
– CMS: WordPress, HubSpot
– Marketing Platforms: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
– Research Platforms: Crunchbase, LinkedIn
– Prsentations and documents: PowerPoint, Word

What exactly you’ll be doing

Marketing (of course!).
You’ll be assisting the team with market planning and roll-out of marketing strategies and tactics to improve the company’s industry standing, brand recognition to key audiences, the development and continued refinement of an integrated marketing strategy.

You’ll be churning out copies for emails, social posts, website copies, presentations, interview scripts and more.

The reason why most marketers join the trade, reporting is of course mandatory here. You’ll assist with populating and refining reports to higher management, and extrapolating insights from the data available.

Planning and research. 
AnyConnect is a company evolving, and we always need fresh market insights to understand the tech landscape we thrive and compete in, in order to stay ahead of the curve. You’ll be helping with this quite a bit.

Here are some of your future team-mates in PRODUCT & MARKETING
Claude Hochreutiner

Director of Platform & Data

Jan Rick Mascarina

Marketing & Communucations Manager

Lasitha Lokuge

Web Designer & Developer

Vignesh Sridharan

UX & UI Designer

AnyConnect has 4.2 stars on Glassdoor. This is why.

Diverse, world-class team

Our team of 40+ consists of people from over 12 different nationalities. We do more than welcome diversity – we embrace it. Our culture is a come-as-you-are one, as long as who you are can deliver good work, and avoid friction with your team-mates, then you’re cool in our books.

Centrally located office in Singapore

We’re located in City Hall, which means you are spoilt for good food, have easy access to get to more interesting activities after work, or drown yourself at any one of the many of bars you’re a minute away from, if and when you need to.

Global company, start-up culture

We function like a lean and agile team, who is here to support one another to do the job as best we can. With this in mind, we have no hard-set rules in terms of where you work and how, and are truly flexible in most regards, and understand that people thrive and deliver their best when they are comfortable.

Competitive remuneration and modern equipment

On top of market-competitive remuneration, we equip all our staff with brand new hardware and tools they need in order to succeed. We are platform agnostic, so on top of the brand new laptop you get to break-in, we support the purchase of tools to help with productivity.

Fit the bill? Apply now!